Matthew Dockery is a professional videographer who lives in Key West Florida. He has been practicing videography for over 10 years and runs his videography business, DockLight Productions, in the Florida Keys. Matt also specializes in travel videos for many of his travel agency and tour operating clients. You can see Matthew's full portfolio on his Vimeo page linked here.

     "Videography is something that comes naturally for me and I'm grateful for this each and every day. I came from a background in photography, as a hobbyist, which taught me many of the basics I use now for the high quality content I strive to produce as a freelance videographer. To sit and edit a story for hours on end, that provides for me a feeling that I hope that everyone gets to experience within their lifetime. It's like petting a puppy, it just feels right and that's how I feel about shooting and editing videos."

     "One day I hope to be a successful documentary film maker. Travel and the human condition are topics that inspire me the most. I watch things like Gnarly Bay's SPACE and I can't help but want to grab my camera and document it for others to experience and enjoy. For now, I'm practicing as a freelance videographer in the Florida Keys as well as around the world, building a business that will allow me to tell stories as a videographer / documentary filmmaker that will leave my legacy someday. This is all I want and need out of this life. This is my passion."